Individual or Group Training Options

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Keynote speeches

Well Planned Director Neil Anderson (see bio) draws on his 20 years of corporate and not for profit experience to tailor a motivating speech for your audience. Neil’s passion for leadership through clear planning shines through, as he draws entertaining parallels to current local and global examples.

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Tailored presentations

Why is it that people can remember the plot and characters of storybooks they read as a child, but they cannot remember their study material from last week?

People retain more information when they listen to stories. People relate to characters. We can take the time to research your organisation, your impact on your customers, then deliver training presentations using a storytelling method. 

1 Day Brand Checkup

30 / 45 minutes – 6 Steps to Clear Brand Leadership

This session highlights practical examples to show how the Well Planned 6 step model can:

  • Help bring clarity of purpose throughout any organisation.
  • Make leadership easier for everyone.
  • Be adapted to your startup or established organization.
  • Be explained to people at all levels and all backgrounds.
  • Save everyone time, effort, money and reduce stress.



Training Slider

60 minutes - Introduction to Marketing Planning

A step by step guide through the key areas of segmentation, targeting, positioning, marketing mix creation, evaluation and zero base budgeting.


Marketing Plans

180 minute - Marketing Planning Workshop

Want to learn how to write your own Marketing Plan? In these workshops of 1-8 people, each participant receives:

  • Detailed training
  • A USB with all the editable tools and structure you need 
  • Guidance as you work on your own Marketing Plan (bring your laptop or notepad).

Follow up one-on-one sessions are available after this workshop to gain feedback and advice on your plan.


Marketing Plans 2

Full Day – “Marketing Plan Draft in a Day”

Got a new product/service or brand to launch? Not happy with your current plans? Strap yourself in! we start by introducing a six step model, an action plan template and a budget template. Then we work together, 1:1 or as a group.

By the end of the day, you will have an easy to edit draft marketing action plan spreadsheet and matching budget forecast spreadsheet.