Planning Services

Planning Services

One Hour Consultations

1 hour consultations

Sometimes, all you need is a quick chat. That’s fine by us.

Contact us, you might be surprised how quickly we can help.

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1 day Marketing Plan “Draft in a Day” sessions

We’ll sit down with you 1:1 or with a group of your key decision makers for a full day. We have a proven six-step marketing planning process that can be tailored to organisations of all types.

By the end of day one, you will have:

  1. Reviewed your history and goals.
  2. Reviewed market segmentation.
  3. Chosen at least one target customer group.
  4. Created a solid brand DNA.
  5. Created an excel spreadsheet outlining 12 months of marketing actions.
  6. Drafted key processes for ongoing evaluation, control and budgeting.

These sessions are accessibly priced to suit all organisation types. Please call for more information.


1 Day Brand Checkup

1 Day Brand Checkup Session

Every brand can sometimes do with a little external input. We have a clear six-step brand review process that can help you improve results. Examples of outcomes from this process could include recommendations for:

  • New products / services
  • Killing certain products / services
  • Revised brand positioning
  • Revised pricing 
  • New market research projects
  • New corporate identity projects
  • Trials of new digital marketing tactics
  • A presentation to the CEO on brand strategy 

These sessions are accessibly priced to suit all organisation types. Please call for more information.



Well Planned white paper

Marketing Plans/Budgets

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze plans are available, in line with the scale of the workload you anticipate for the project. 

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Marketing Plans

Brand Strategy / Architecture Projects

We can dive as deep and be as detailed as you request. These projects can take a few days, weeks or months. You make the call. Need research or mystery shopping done? We can arrange that. If you’re betting your career on a profitable future for your brands, then it pays to get an external viewpoint. 

The ultimate project is a deep dive that starts with the history of your brand, and ends with a comprehensive action plan and process maps to illustrate how your products and services can be consistently delivered on a daily basis. 



Sales Plans Pic

Sales Plans/Budgets

Marketing and Sales go hand in hand. We can help by:

  • Drafting sales plans, budgets and forecasts that integrate with your marketing strategy
  • Hosting planning sessions that bring both sales and marketing teams together to optimise your performance.