Mentoring & Advice

Mentoring & Advice

Want someone in your team to benefit from the private advice of a world-class marketer? We offer weekly, monthly or quarterly mentoring sessions that are completely tailored to your needs. 


Advantages of a professional mentor:

  • Confidentiality – we’re paid to keep our mouth shut. Our reputation relies on it.
  • Independence – some people struggle to truly open up to an internal mentor. Perhaps they feel like they need to impress them, rather than really open up to someone that is there to help. If you can’t be honest with your mentor, you won’t get as much out of it.
  • Focus – we’re there for you 100%. We have no agendas that are guiding any advice. 
  • Consistency – Knowing that you have regular meetings with your mentor will help you re-focus on the bigger picture, as reflected in your plans. 


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